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Year 5L Calendar Autumn 2023 24


Year 5 visited a Charity Fair - 25.01.24

Year 5 visited a Charity Fair as part of our Citizenship Project. They got the chance to meet many different charities. Some that we are familiar with such as CAFOD, SVP- Minnie Vinnies and St. John Bosco camp. They also found out about new charities, Education for change is a charity that fights against racism within the education system and My Place who support homelessness. The children enquired about the charities ethos, their mission and ways in which we can support the charities. The children were inspired by the charities and are planning ways they would like to raise money and support these charities.

Y5L Charity Fair 2024

Citizenship Project – Week 1 -12.01.24

This week in year 5 we have been enjoying the first week of the Citizenship project. We have been discussing the different types of protected characteristics and how we can avoid discrimination against these as well as investigating the challenges that some people face. We have also focussed on the graffiti artist Banksy, and how he uses his artwork to use his voice for equality.

Year 5 Knife Crime Assembly Workshop

On Thursday year 5 took part in a knife crime awareness assembly. The children looked at how to reduce knife carrying amongst children and young people. The assembly emphasised the legal consequences, physical harm and emotional impacts that arise from violence involving knives. The year 5 children were also able to explore strategies on how to reduce their involvement in such actions by good decision making using Awareness, Thinking Ahead and De-Escalation.

 Y5 Knife Crime Awareness Workshop 2023

17.11.2023 - Building Bridges

This week in D&T we began building simple structures as part of our Building bridges topic. We used different art straws which we had to cut down to size to ensure that our structures would be reliable. The focus was to explore ways in which trusses can be used to strengthen bridges. A truss is an assembly of beams put together to create a structure. Here are some of our bridges.

Year 5 Q4 1