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Year 3

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Y3 Class Timetable

Citizenship Project 15-01-24

 Children began their journey of the spring term by delving into the citizenship project. The focus for Year 3 was on the protected characteristic of religious equality. We deepened our understanding on this topic by creating non-chronological report in English. Throughout the week, children have been exploring different religions. They engaged in a role play using hot seating, responding to questions based on their understanding of six major religions.

Y3 Citizenship Project 2024

Chess- 06/12/23

This autumn term children had an opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activity. They harnessed their ability to engage in chess by applying the key skills of visualisation, critical thinking and problem solving. The chess sessions were led by a very experienced instructor ‘Mr Dybowski’. The children actively participated and demonstrated enthusiasm throughout the sessions.

Year 3 2023 Chess 1

Year 3 2023 Chess 2

Year 3 Lourdes Autumn Term

During this autumn term, in science lessons, the class has been focusing on the topic ‘forces and magnets’. To develop an understanding on the topic, we engaged in scientific activities to observe and explore the properties of the magnets. Children investigated the strength of the different kinds of the magnet, and also conducted an experiment to observe that like poles of the magnets repel while opposite poles attract.

Year 3 Q4 1

Year 3 Q4 2