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Year 2 visit to St Helen’s 10.01.24

This week, as part of our Citizenship Project on Equal Opportunities, Year 2 went on a KS1 swap day to St Helen’s. The children split into different groups and took part in lots of fun activities. Each activity was based on different disabilities such as a sensory circuit, blindfolded taste test and blindfolded obstacle course. The children also had a special assembly with a visual impairment teacher who spoke to the children about Braille and the resources that visually impaired children need in school to help them to learn. The children made lots of new friends and learnt about different disabilities.

Year 2 Visit St Helens 2024

 Autumn Term Y2W

Y2W had a great Autumn Term! From testing different materials in Science, to online researching for English and sewing finger puppets in D&T. We are looking forward to the Spring Term and all new things we will be learning!

Y2W End of Autumn Term 2023

15.12.2023 Reflection - Year 2 Lourdes

As we approach the end of our first term in Year 2, we have been reflecting on what we have enjoyed the most. From learning about the Creation Story in September to the Black History Project in October, we have had so much fun and learnt a lot. We have learnt about the use of boastful language in our story from the Myths and Legends project and have used 3D shapes in Maths to count the faces, edges and vertices of different shapes. As a class, the children agreed that their favourite experience was learning how to sew and make a puppet in DT. We can’t wait to see what the Spring term has to offer.

Y2L Reflections 2023

Year 2 Lourdes learn how to sew - 01/12/2023

For D&T, children in Year 2 have been learning all about puppets. We have researched different puppets, designed our own finger puppet and made our own mock ups using paper in preparation for our final product. This week, the children learnt the key still needed for our final product which was how to sew a running stitch. The children learnt how to thread through the needle, weave through the material and tie a finishing knot. We are so excited to sew our finger puppet and evaluate them!
Y2L 01.12.23

As part of our learning for DT, Y2W got to make finger puppets. They used their sewing skills, learnt in the previous lesson to create their original designs. They used additional materials such as pipe cleaners, buttons and fabric paint to add extra details to their puppets.

Y2L 01.11.23 2

Y2L 01.11.23 3

17/11/2023 English & RE with Year 2!

For English this week, we wrote our own myth inspired by our class text, The Tall Tale of the Giant’s Causeway. We have used our imagination to plan and write a story about a giant who visits St Joachim’s. At first, we think they are a scary monster and as the hero in our story, we try to fight the beast however we learn that they are a friendly giant who is lonely and wants to join St Joachim’s. We had a lot of fun using different vocabulary to make our story interesting and can’t wait to edit and publish our stories next week.

Year 2 Q4 1

As part of our learning for Judaism, Y2W got to role-play a Shabbat. After watching a short video, we got into small groups to perform our own Shabbat using real props.

Year 2 Q4 2 
Year 2 Q4 3